Excerpt from the Extended Metaphor and Simile video

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Praise for Donna Morrissey

“There’s a sense in Morrissey’s writing that William Faulkner has met Annie Proulx … If her first novel [Kit's Law] is anything to go by, Morrissey is almost certain to set new boundaries in fiction in Canada.”
Atlantic Books Today

“Morrissey’s voice, innocent, wise, funny and boisterous, and so expertly tuned to the music of the Newfoundland dialect, is simply irresistible.”—Books in Canada

“A Newfoundland Thomas Hardy.”—The Globe and Mail

“Morrissey knows of what she writes.”—Toronto Star

 “Comparisons to Annie Proulx are inevitable, but Kit's Law exists in a valley of its own saying, and in the directness of its tone, establishes its own authority.”— Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler's List

      Photographs courtesy of
Bryan McBurney Photography