A note from Donna…

My mother always said that we are of our own making, and that we each have our own story. In my later years, I read deeply into the works of Carl Jung. He wrote that we all live within myth, and a route to meaningful living is to find that myth and bridge it to everyday life.

During those times, when I falter with my own doings or become lost within a feeling, I return to the myth. Or sometimes I might turn to my mum who I carry within and query such thoughts as "Mum, remember when you used to buff the down off the birds before cooking them—how was it that you used to hold them so gently?”

And as she answers, “So's not to break the skin, child, and sap the oil from the meat...” I write her words...

Donna Morrissey is the award-winning author of Kit's Law, Downhill Chance, What They Wanted, and Sylvanus Now, which was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize. She recently wrote a children's book, Cross Katie Kross, illustrated by her daughter, Bridget. Morrissey grew up in The Beaches, a small fishing outport in Newfoundland and now lives in Halifax.

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